An Online Will

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There are a number of tall tales about what happens if you die without a Will, most of which are about as accurate as playing darts with the lights out (that’s not a challenge, don’t try it). The simple truth is that the amazing and the cruddy parts of life can, and do, happen to us all. There is no discrimination on age, gender, where you live, how much you earn, and who’s in your life.

Although your Will might be about your final wishes (and having one certainly provides peace of mind) it’s actually about doing the right thing by the people and pets (yes we are animal lovers) you are closest to. Without a doubt having a Will reduces stress and costs during a time when those you care about are hurting the most. It’s a no-brainer why we included it in your Footprint membership.



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What's a Will?

A Will is most commonly described as a list of instructions you leave behind that lets your family know who gets what when you pass away. Without a Will you’ll be leaving it up to others to decide how

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About Footprint Connect

Footprint Connect was designed to plug-in to your existing wellness programme. It is supported by a subscription based digital platform giving your staff access to industry professionals, learning labs and an estate administration package that is completely unique and a New Zealand first!

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