Leave Your Mark charity campaign

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The way it works

Whether you sign up for a Single Will or one of our Will Packages, Footprint will contribute 5% of our earnings to charity.

The charities then go through an elimination process until we get to our top three. At that point we go back to our judges (you) and ask for your vote. It’s gruelling, intense and extremely satisfying!

The winning charity takes the prize, 5% of our revenue. The paparazzi goes wild (aka Jess from marketing goes nuts with her camera) and we flood our social media with all the great shots and feel good messages. It’s our favourite time of year and we hope that it also becomes one of yours.

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About us

What we’re about

Go to Netflix anytime of the day and you’ll find all sorts of stories. Some of these are based on actual events, others are inspired by them, and some are pure imagination. The greatest stories stick with us...

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Personal online and phone support

A survey conducted in 2018 showed that 82% of Kiwis were open to doing their Will online. However, even the most hard core digital natives agree being able to talk to an actual human with industry expertise is a breath of fresh air. At Footprint we provide online and phone support during standard business hours.

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