The Footprint Digital Vault

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Your Vault has been designed to be your one stop shop (a bit like 4 Square) for your important documents and messages. With (1 gigabyte) of storage you’ll have a safe place to store documents such as your:

  • Will,
  • Insurance policies, enduring power of attorneys (EPAs),
  • Copies of your passport, birth certificates, important receipts,
  • Instructions for social media accounts,
  • Personal video messages,
  • Important photos,
  • A personal letter to support your Will instructions.

In 2018 a survey showed that 39% of people didn’t know where their parent’s Wills were stored. Which is why we created a service where you can set-up notifications to specific people every time your Will has been created, stored, or updated in your Footprint digital Vault. Setting up notifications won’t give anyone else access to your Will (or Vault), but does give the people you nominated some peace of mind knowing where everything’s stored. You can also change who (if anyone) receives these notifications anytime you like. The only person, other than yourself, that will have access to your Vault is your appointed executor, and that’s only after you’ve pass away. Being able to access your Will is all part of their executor responsibilities – for more info on your Vault and who has access to it, check out our FAQs here

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An online annual Will Update

Like any good story, your life is going to have high and lows, plot-twists, and lessons learnt. People, opportunities, and milestones will come and go, many of which can impact your Will either from a preference or legal perspective. It’s important your Will reflects your latest thinking and situation - keeping it up to date is key.

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Your personalised Dashboard

Your Dashboard is your own personalised estate planning information hub, it gives you access to your charitable contributions, your digital Vault, a portal to complete your Will and annual Will updates, access to estate planning tools, resources and discounts.

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