What's a Will?

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You know that old saying “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”… well, that’s a lot truer than you think.

A Will is most commonly described as a list of instructions you leave behind that lets your family know who gets what when you pass away. Without a Will you’ll be leaving it up to others to decide how your assets get distributed, and by “others” we also mean the big G (Government). New Zealand has specific legislation in place that dictates who in your family gets what, and how much if you pass away without a Will. These laws are there to protect partners, parents, and any children from being cut out of receiving an inheritance - it’s all in the name “the Family Protections Act”. What a lot of people don’t know is that if you pass away without a Will, your stuff doesn’t just go to your partner… We noticed this is often the biggest surprise for most Kiwis, and something we think everyone needs to be aware of – so we recommend you check out our common misconceptions page here.

But a Will is so much more than making sure your stuff goes to the right people. It’s also about making sure any children you have (under 18) have a Guardian named for their care. Or, if you have a charity close to your heart, why not leave a legacy behind by gifting them a few $$$.

In short, a Will helps make sure your intentions are clear, and no one gets left out unintentionally.

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An exclusive estate administration package valued at $10,000

The average cost of estate administration in NZ sits between $10-12k. Whether you have a little, or a lot, there are a number of legal steps that need to be taken, admin to be sorted, people to find, accounts to be closed and so on. Without a doubt estate distribution (which is making sure those who you want to get your Deadly Ponies handbag, or autographed Richie McCaw rugby jumper actually get it) can be one of the most costly and time consuming aspects of estate planning. Your Footprint membership is unique in providing an exclusive estate administration package with our sister company Perpetual Guardian.

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An Online Will

There are a number of tall tales about what happens if you die without a Will, most of which are about as accurate as playing darts with the lights out (that’s not a challenge, don’t try it). The simple truth is that the amazing and the cruddy parts of life can, and do, happen to us all. There is no discrimination on age, gender, where you live, how much you earn, and who’s in your life.

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