Your personalised Dashboard

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Your Dashboard is your own personalised estate planning information hub, it gives you access to:

  • Your digital Vault
  • A portal to complete your Will and annual Will updates
  • Access to estate planning tools, resources and discounts

You can log into it at any time, and make any changes to your profile, charity selection, Will, or Vault. It’s that easy!

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The Footprint Digital Vault

Your Vault has been designed to be your one stop shop (a bit like 4 Square) for your important documents and messages. With (500mb) of storage you’ll have a safe place to store documents.

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About us

What we’re about

Go to Netflix anytime of the day and you’ll find all sorts of stories. Some of these are based on actual events, others are inspired by them, and some are pure imagination. The greatest stories stick with us...

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